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Focus On: Style Edit Blonde Perfection

With clients planning spring break trips and summer holidays, now is the time to stock your retail area with Style Edit’s Blonde Perfection, an indispensable product that will help your client cover unsightly grey or dark roots in between salon visits. Here’s a bit more about the product:

what it does

this temporary, touch-up spray instantly lightens and brightens to blend dark roots and perfectly disguises gray roots, leaving hair looking refreshed, revived, and ready for anything. works in seconds and shampoos out.

what’s in it

multi-chromatic pigments for self-adjusting color that matches your signature hue and blends visible dark and gray roots. emollients impart vibrant shine with a natural-feeling texture.

what’s not in it

peroxide, ammonia, or any harsh or permanent dyes. not tested on animals.


shake well. test spray before use. for best results, apply to clean, dry hair. hold can 4-5 inches from hair. move can continuously back and forth until roots are evenly camouflaged. let dry 2-3 minutes. apply more if necessary. if product comes into contact with hands or skin during application, remove quickly with damp cloth and/or soap and water. not recommended for facial hair, eyebrows or body hair.