White, black, fruit tea, milk oolong, puer in paper bags

Explore Pai-Shau’s Signature Exotic Tea Complex

For centuries, tea has been consumed for its remarkable healing properties. Deemed as a wonder drink, its benefits are known to lead to a healthier lifestyle and combat the effects of aging. Inspired by their ability to enhance, nourish and protect internally, Pai-Shau discovered how to replicate those same holistic benefits into products made for the hair.

The Signature Exotic Tea Complex is an exclusive blend of steeped teas from around the world that work in unison to provide powerful rejuvenating properties.

This Complex works to provide 5 benefits for hair.

PROTECT > AFRICAN RED BUSH TEA. Anti-inflammatory properties and protein soothes any irritation and works to strengthen strands.

SMOOTH > PU-ERH TEA. Contains a natural enzyme to help dissolve debris
on hair. This natural exfoliation process helps smooth and deeply clean hair allowing other products to penetrate better.

SHINE > BLACK TEA. Its high concentration of antioxidants add luster, shine and body to the hair.

PROTECT > WHITE TEA. Natural UV filter and environmental protectant which helps extend the life of your color.

EXFOLIATE > GREEN TEA. Stimulates circulation and helps clear hair follicles of debris which aids in healthy hair growth.

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